Sunday, September 24, 2017

Fall Farmer's Market Trip

       I love fall, especially when it feels like fall. In South Carolina, we often have balmy fall seasons that feel more like August or July,  but there's nothing better than feeling the humidity growing less and going to football games! I also love Starbucks in the fall! Unfortunately, since this trip, our weather has grown warmer and more humid. 
      Something new I did this fall was go to an early Saturday morning farmer's market with a few friends. We dressed in our fall clothes and snapped a few pics in the park after our fun trip. I can't wait to go again! They had gorgeous flowers and fruits and even pumpkin spice peanut butter which many of my friends are obsessed with!
     We also stopped by a crepe restaurant for breakfast. It was delicious and so fun and cute! We loved it so much, that we will probably go again many more times! They had savory crepes we could grab for lunch or dinner, but that day I just tried the plain crepe to taste the actual pastry. 

Here are some beautiful fall flowers I picked up. 

I really enjoyed my crepe for breakfast! 

We took gorgeous fall pictures in the park. 
Outfit details:
This bell sleeve top which is almost sold out, (similar). I also wore these jeans which are on sale, and and this necklace that I wear daily. I also wore these taupe flats from Target a few years ago and some pearl earrings.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Winter Favorites

So ya'll, pretty much all I have worn lately are these Lilly sweatshirts, Bean Boots, and jeans. These are the most comfortable and versatile items. I literally relax in the sweatshirts over my pajamas too! I was wondering if ya'll could comment for the kind of posts you would like to see! I'd love to try to post a lot more, but I really need some inspiration. Thanks so much and enjoy the pictures!  

Bean Boots are my favorite for fall and winter

These are my favorite Sweatshirts in all the world!