Saturday, December 31, 2016

New Year's Resolutions and Recommendations

This year I'm planning to spend more time reading. Reading novels, but especially my Bible. I have read the Bible through three times, but have failed the last two years. I really need to redeem myself this year! So, I have a new book to help me through called Table Talk. 

Table Talk is a Ligonier Ministries monthly magazine which includes daily devotions and also the reading to be done each day! Here is a sample page: 


Using this and my Bible, I can have a great year! 


Reading for fun, is always one of my enjoyments. Some of my favorites are the classics especially Jane Austen novels. The day after Christmas, I stopped into Anthropology to look at the deals. In the clearance section, I spied these beautiful Jane Austin novels, "Emma" and "Sense and Sensibility". 

I was ecstatic, because I was in the middle of "Emma". (In fact I still am 😀). I just love the beautiful prints and colors of them, plus they were on a great sale and hardback! They were a win win! 


Another resolution for this year, is my violin. I have played the violin for nine years. This year I really want to improve more quickly, I have lots of new repertoire that I need to learn quickly. Such as this: 


This Bach Corrente has some difficult chords, anyway I really want to improve this year. 

Finally, I want to improve in blogging. I had these blog for a whole summer and only posted twice. This is why now I've created an instagram and I'm going to post more! Here I'm going to include a peek at my next post. 

Hope you've enjoyed this post. 


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