Friday, December 9, 2016

Life Update

Hey all,
I haven't posted in ages, but I'd like to start to again. I have been so busy in school this year. I am so thankful that this semester is nearly over! I hope to start uploading some preppy Christmas outfits soon, so look for those. I hope that I am able to post more in the future. I've had a great, but busy year this year. I have played my violin "to death." In fact, I had three concerts and a recital this week, I have a gig and another concert next week. I'm so exhausted, but grateful for these experiences I have had this semester. I hope ya'll have had a great semester! I have three ways to  improve your exam experience coming up soon! I also have some blog recommendations. Check out, and These are my two favorite blogs and I also follow their instagrams. I hope to get an instagram soon to update my OOTDs and to update when I post. I hope to make this blog more accessible and interesting. If any of ya'll have any ideas for posts or how I can make it more accessible, please comment below!
Thanks ya'll, ]

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